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In 2018 the leadership spent countless hours praying about, discussing, and formulating a vision for the next several years of City Park Church's ministry.

Below you will find the vision statement in full as well as links to the supporting philosophies. These philosophies statements will be added as they become finalized; please check back later for more.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the vision statement with someone in leadership, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Belong 2025

God created us and gave us His Son so that we could belong - to Himself and to each other.

Imagine the outwardly religious, the rebellious, the apathetic, and the isolated discovering the joy of genuine belonging to Christ. Imagine groups of people engaging in deep relationship with God and each other, and also lovingly connecting with those who believe and live differently to help them belong, too.

This is a picture of God ushering in His kingdom in fresh and exciting ways, and we believe it starts with City Park Church establishing a bigger and bolder faith. Therefore, we are imploring God, through the power of His Holy Spirit to lead and fortify our efforts, so that by 2025...

We will be courageously seeking the heart of God as a house of prayer for all nations. With sound biblical teaching as our foundation, we will gather with diverse people to celebrate our unity in Jesus Christ and experience the power of worshipping as one. We also will be investing time daily beholding our Heavenly Father in personal devotion and praise.

We will be a church of community groups meeting across the city each week. Groups will share life together, grow in Christ, and impact those around them – from workplaces to school campuses, and restaurants to running trails. Groups will move beyond their living rooms to reach unchurched friends and disenfranchised neighbors with the message of salvation. Embracing the commission to multiply, existing groups will launch new groups to touch more people.

We will be raising the next generation as champions of the faith. Parents will be equipped and encouraged to disciple their children. Through the inspired teaching of loving and devoted leaders, the lives of hundreds of children, teens, and college students will be shaped and strengthened by the biblical message, so they can transform the world for Christ.

We will be a guiding light illuminating the path for those in darkness, and advocating for the vulnerable and the voiceless. Our building will be a center of activity for the City Park community, hosting numerous events each year. We will partner with other churches and organizations to care for people in need throughout Fort Collins. And, the divine light shining through Immanuel will spread far beyond our city to establish and support churches among the unreached people of the world.

Although “belong” is a familiar word to us, Belong 2025 is our expanded vision. With deep conviction that the heart of every person yearns to know the Creator, we will, by His grace, help them belong to Jesus Christ and His church.


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