Community Groups

Form and Function

The primary practice of CGs is to grow in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and each other as we discuss God’s Word and the most recent sermon, its application to our lives, and pray for people to whom we are seeking to minister.

Varied forms of CGs are encouraged. The Pastor Leadership Team (PLT) will organize some CGs and will encourage and be available to assist with the formation of other CGs by CPC members based around common interests and/or affinities. Such groups may be formed around gender-related topics, hobbies, or specific “seasons of life.” There you might find people that not only share your faith but also similar interests. Examples include: Men’s studies, Women's studies, ordinances of the Church, prayer, personal evangelism, parenting, camping, biking, running, crafting, board games, books, music, etc.

CGs are to be fully committed to this DNA:

Dedication to God’s Word & Prayer

  •   Committed to prayer and studying and obeying the Holy Bible.

Transparency leading to transformation

   •   Transparency and repentance lead to life, freedom, and deeper community.

Outreach Oriented

   •   CGs will make outreach a part of their regular rhythm. Groups will strive to reach out to their friends and community to build relationships and find opportunities to share about Jesus. CG’s  will be aided by collaborating with the churchwide events coordinated by CPC leadership.

Community Groups don't exist for the sake of holding meetings, they exist to help people experience Biblical community.

Increasing the number of groups is a yearly goal. We want more people from all over the city to know Jesus. So, we are committed to training more facilitators, having more host homes, and reaching more neighbors and friends who will BELONG to Jesus and His Church.


All groups must be committed to the CG DNA and led by trained facilitators.

Groups and training are overseen by members of the PLT. Questions developed based on the weekly sermon will serve as the content to guide most CG meetings. However, other Biblical material may be used provided it is vetted by leadership monitoring the CG ministry.

We believe meeting weekly in-person or virtually works best but also recognize that may not be feasible for everyone. Therefore, we encourage CGs to meet at least bi-monthly. The goal is not to just meet, it’s to create and develop close God-centered friendships that expand His teaching and kingdom.

Covid-19 has catalyzed a virtual world for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. As such, CGs can meet virtually both now and in the future.

Most CGs will be encouraged to multiply (e.g., expand into more groups) when “in person” attendance regularly averages twelve or more. Exceptions will be made by the PLT for specific types of larger groups.

Members and guests are strongly encouraged to: make participation in CG meetings a priority; desire to learn about Jesus as Savior (seekers); grow in their knowledge of God and His Word (believers); make the CG a safe place by being transparent with a zero tolerance for gossip; and possess a willingness to reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ.