In response to God’s work of grace in our own lives (Matthew 10:8), and His direct call to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), we will partner with God and His work of redemption around the world. This involves being on mission with God near and far (Acts 1:8).


The ministry of local and international missions is guided by a missions team under the oversight of CPC's Pastor Leadership Team (PLT). Communication will remain open between these two teams, with direct supervision coming from a member of the PLT. The missions team will disciple Immanuel to steward the Great Commission by equipping, praying, and giving.


Annually, CPC will endorse and sponsor no more than three officially recognized local mission focuses, and no more than three officially recognized international mission focuses. In addition, we will also plan to reach local internationals, as well as help with stateside disaster relief. These will be prayerfully processed by the missions team with oversight and approval from the PLT and communicated clearly and consistently with the congregation. These focuses are designed around the theme of Acts 1:8 (“Jerusalem”, “Judea”, and “Samaria”, or a “here”, “near”, and “far”).

  • Jerusalem - Fort Collins missions ministry, including outreach to local internationals.  
  • Judea - Stateside disaster trips or partnerships with churches or ministries nationally.
  • Samaria - Ministry to a people based outside the US, but reasonably accessible culturally and financially, allowing for the possibility of sending short-term teams who partner with churches or ministries on the field.
  • Ends of the earth - A field in which CPC will work with long-term missionaries who have a long-term presence. This will likely be far away geographically, culturally, and spiritually, including ministry to unreached people groups.*

Deliberate reporting and prayer around these focuses will be scheduled annually.

These mission efforts will be supported through our annual budget and two annual offerings (Easter to CPC specific missions and Christmas to denominational missions). The missions team will allocate monies/percentages to the focuses above in conjunction with the PLT and Finance Team. These will be evaluated each budget cycle. We will also promote the Rachel Christen Scholarship Fund annually.


  • All participants going on domestic/international missions trips are required to receive specified training.
  • All missions projects must have established entrance, maintenance, and exit strategies in writing before they can be approved.
  • All missions endeavors, local and international, are to be re-evaluated and re-defined annually by the missions team and the PLT, in accordance with each budget year.
  • Clear and consistent communication strategies for these annual efforts are necessary. Plans for all methods of communication will be articulated and established at the beginning of each budget year.
  • A fundraising policy will be established and agreed upon by the missions team, finance team, and PLT.  Fundraising efforts must be planned three months in advance and coordinated with sensitivity towards all local and international endeavors by the mission team.
  • A member of the PLT will be present at all missions team meetings, and a member of the missions team will regularly attend staff meetings and occasionally attend PLT meetings.

* An unreached people group is a people among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize the group without outside assistance. (Joshua Project)