Community Outreach


Community outreach will be a high-level priority for City Park Church (CPC) in the “Belong 2025” Vision. We will share in word and deed the good news of Christ to help people BELONG to Jesus and His Church.

Guiding Principles

  • We will utilize community groups as the primary vehicle of reaching the unchurched of Fort Collins. While personal evangelism is encouraged, we desire community groups to work together to invite to their group meetings (or a special activity) those who don’t belong to Jesus or His church.
  • Church-wide, CPC will also seek to engage with the unchurched of the city by hosting occasional outreach events for the community. We will also use our facility as a tool to bless the city, schools, organizations, and individuals. We will be especially sensitive to reaching out to those in the City Park area.
  • We will work together with other churches and organizations to care for the poor and marginalized of our city.

Strategy & Tactics

  • Form a team of those who are gifted and have a passion for the unchurched.
  • Work alongside community group leaders to keep outreach prioritized.
  • This team will develop specific goals for community outreach, an annual plan to accomplish those goals, and a budget to help facilitate the process.
  • Ministry activity should be planned and calendared with a balance between direct evangelism, community service, and caring for the poor.
  • Equip people with resources to pray for, and share with, the unchurched.
  • Use social media to its fullest extent for the purpose of outreach.


We can sow the seed of the gospel, water that seed, but God is the One who causes the growth (1 Corinthians 3:7). Therefore, metrics involve what we can control (sowing and watering), not what we can’t control (growth: attendance, salvations, baptisms).

  • How many community groups made an intentional effort to reach the unchurched in a given year. How often did this happen?
  • How often did CPC host some type of community activity for the purpose of both community engagement and reaching the unchurched?
  • What was the percentage of the church involved in the church-wide events hosted?
  • How many people are being reached through our social media platform?