Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Life is a series of decisions and we're all looking to someone or something for guidance in those decisions. God gives us the Holy Spirit. Let's learn how to follow Him

Valley to Victory

Are you, or is someone you know, in a valley? Using the familiar story of Ezekiel's valley of dry bones vision, God shows us our desperate need for the Holy Spirit and how He can breathe new life into a life gone dry.

The Spirit Of Sonship

To know God as Father is the richest blessing of the Christian life. This weekend, as we continue our summer series Refresh: Life with the Holy Spirit, we'll see how the Holy Spirit brings us to adoption as sons of God. If you need to know the deep unchanging love of a Father, don't miss this message.

Living Water

The problem we have in life isn't our thirst, but our source. We just keep running to the wrong well. Jesus shows us a better way.


Pandemic. Protests. Pain. We carry a lot these days. God has a way of helping us through hard times with the refreshing presence of His Holy Spirit. Let's look together this summer at what it means to be continually refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom in Us

In the final sermon in our series “Thy Kingdom Come”, we consider God’s Kingdom as it is today and how we are called to live in it.

The Coming Kingdom

We rejoice to know that the day is coming when GOD shall finish His work that HE has begun. What is this “D-Day” of Holy Scripture?

Dual Citizenship

Living with dual citizenship of heaven and earth is not easy. We walk with a foot in both worlds. Sunday's sermon focuses on what it looks like to love the King of heaven by loving his creation below.